The Suzuki Guitar Teacher Training 

The Suzuki Method, or Mother Tongue Method, was developed in Japan in the middle of the 20th century. Shin’ichi Suzuki observed that all children, no matter where they grow up, are able to speak their own language. The acquisition of speech is an automatic process in an environment where the child hears people speak every day. After numerous  attempts to imitate the sounds, a baby finally manages to pronounce its first understandable word. A milestone for the family!

Music can be taught the same way. Every single child is able to learn to play an instrument on the condition that the best possible learning environment is created. That is why we start at young age with the lessons, and the parents of Suzuki students are present during the lessons. Children and parents discover together how to produce a beautiful sound on an instrument.

For the second time the Suzuki Guitar Teacher Training is organised in Belgium. Teacher Trainer is Marylou Roberts (USA) and the training starts in April 2020.

The training is divided into 5 levels. After each level an exam is to be made in order to pass on to the next level. After passing the exam of level 1 successfully, a teacher is allowed to start with his own Suzuki class.
Level 1 consists of 120 contact hours, of which a maximum of 40 hours observation.  As for the observation, this is not limited to guitar lessons only. It is possible to observe lessons of other instruments in any country of your choice.
Levels 2 to 5 consist of 100 contact hours, of which a maximum of 40 hours observation.
The higher number of contact hours for level 1 represents its importance in establishing good foundations and allows time for teacher trainees to understand and absorb the fundamentals of the Suzuki philosophy and methodology.

Other conditions

  • The minimum number of participants for the course is 10.
  • Each participant has a master’s degree in music (or equivalent).
  • The spoken language is English.
  • Price for the course is €1400. Another €100 needs to be paid before the exam in order to be allowed to the exam. The price does not include costs for traveling, accommodation, food and personal expenses.
  • Every participant brings a guitar. Furthermore you need a musicstand, a pen and notebook, Suzuki guitar books Volume 1 and 2 for level 1 and higher volumes according to your level.

Teacher training course suzuki guitar 2020-2021

Dates for 2020-2021 are

  • 14 tot 17 april 2020
  • 9 tot 12 augustus 2020
  • 30 oktober tot 2 november 2020
  • 17 tot 19 februari 2021
  • 8 en 9 april 2021


  • 10 and 11 April 2021 (extra lesson time if necessary before the exam)



The course takes place near Ghent, one of the most beautiful cities of Belgium with a lot of historic buildings.
Each day, there will be 7 hours of class. During the course, the following subjects will be treated:

  • Suzuki Philosophy
  • Study of the Suzuki repertoire
  • Suzuki Pedagogy
  • Education of the parents/ role of the parents

Each participant will teach a few individual lessons and group lessons under supervision and will observe the lessons of other participants. In order to be allowed to do the exam, some writing and reading tasks need to be fulfilled and the candidate has to have participated at a Suzuki Workshop of his own choice.

Inscriptions for Teacher Training Course Suzuki Guitar start in February 2020

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